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Louella Odie
Summer Voyage with Louella Odie, Summer 2015

This summer, I'm collaborating with Louella Odie once again.  Scaling it back a notch, I've set off with some of their beach wraps, sarongs and scarves to places located by the water.  While I'm in the Midwest, I'll be sitting poolside or lakeside.  Then when we head out east for twelve days, these lovely wraps and scarves will see the sea and sun in Amagansett on Long Island.  Stay tuned for glimpses of my voyage on Instagram (@imanorbyah) and of course, I'll write a post here or there.  Especially take note of the new Lattice print as it makes its sneaky debut this summer to lay the path for a larger launch of their new accessories featuring this print and more in the Fall.  I will of course have some bags with me, too.

Louella Odie Travelogue, Summer 2014

What is it? A fun summer collaboration between I'm a Norbyah and Louella Odie, a handbag and accessories designer, which follows my summer travels through parts of the United States with some beautiful bags and accessories.

When will it take place? This travelogue will follow my seven week long summer holiday.  It kicks off on June 13th and will run through August 5th, when I return to Hong Kong.  

Where will you go? This summer, my travels include visiting some tiny towns in Illinois (Oglesby, La Salle, Peru, etc) to soak up some small town charm and to rummage through estate sales and thrift shops for some vintage goodies. Next up will be a nostalgic visit to our home away from home in Madison, Wisconsin where we'll set up in our new summer home in the eclectic Atwood neighbourhood on Madison's east side (think co-ops, coffee shops, local small businesses and the Farmer's Market).  From here, we'll jet off to NYC and stay in hipster Brooklyn with my sister.  We'll escape the city for some seaside fun in Amagansett before heading back to the Midwest to round out the summer.

How can I see more? Read the blog for my weekly posts and also visit Louella Odie and click on their Travel Tribe page for a map of my ongoing journey.  Also follow me on Instagram for daily picture updates.

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