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Inspiring Women: What Being a Feminist Means to Me & Links a la Mode, March 15th

In the last two years with the rise of the Women's March and the empowerment of women to step forward in the #MeToo movement as well, I feel like people have become quite polarized in their feelings towards feminism. Some view the rise of feminist movements as at attack on masculinity, often responding defensively or sarcastically. Others embrace the conversation that it opens about how we as a society can better promote gender equality and break away from old stereotypes for both men and women.

Beautiful Cristina from The Vibe Tribe.

As a mother of a son and daughters, I feel especially invested in this topic. I think it's as important to empower my daughters to be strong-willed and outspoken, to demand fairness in treatment but also in opportunity as it is to encourage my son to be the kind of man who is brave enough to be sensitive in his masculinity, and always to be a champion of women. And, if I can mum brag for a moment, I think my husband and I are doing a reasonably good job. They may not always make their beds or put their clothes away, but they do understand the importance of treating people fairly, regardless of race, gender, sexuality, etc. And even more than that, how important it is to speak up for those who need support to get that fair treatment and respect.

Lauren from Redress, Akiko, Hand Me Down Collective  collaborator (among other things) and journalist and friend Karen. 

I think the biggest misconception today is that being feminist means that you must be anti-men. This couldn't be further from the truth, at least for me and the women I know around me. We're a sisterhood who have long been each other's cheerleaders, but now finally we're starting to see that it's okay to push each other forward, to promote and celebrate our achievements. And we know that it's damn time women are taken more seriously in many realms (especially in politics and business).

Karen wears a Louella Odie bag (a mother-daughter brand).

In fact, nothing brings me more happiness than supporting causes I believe in, especially when they're lead by women. It's exciting to see how women are shaping our future, whether it be behind the scenes or right out in front. My girlfriend Abby from @clothesandpizza makes a point on her blog and Instagram to promote women owned businesses, and I love that. Again, some may see this as biased if you're not a women, but I disagree. It's not instead of men, it's as well as men.

An all women panel discussing the environmental issues the fashion industry creates (Lindsay, executive producer from The Mustard Collective, Denise, stylist for The R Collective, Cara, model and host of Frontline Fashion, and Christina, founder of Redress and key driver of the sustainable fashion movement)

I feel blessed to be surrounded by inspiring women, from my own family, to my girlfriends and around me in Hong Kong. This Redress event, for example, was to celebrate the launch of The R Collective's new collection by winner Tess Whitfort. Redress is an incredible Hong Kong based NGO working to raise awareness for the environmental issue of textile waste and the impact of fast fashion on our planet. It is carried by some incredible women who I have come to know over the years.

While there, I caught up with my friend Christina, the founder of Redress, and what we spoke about the perpetual struggle to balance motherhood with work. There again, I was reminded of the sisterhood of women supporting each other, pushing each other forward and lifting each other up. Recently, they've been supporting us with Hand Me Down Collective, yet another example of women supporting women. I am so grateful.

Happy International Women's Day to all you superwomen!

Photo credits: Alex Macro Photography
Links à la Mode: fashion roundup by Independent Fashion Bloggers
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