Thursday, February 28, 2019

Slow Fashion: Introducing Hand Me Down Collective & Links a la Mode, March 1st

I've been working on a project which I'm really excited about and it debuts this weekend. Anyone who lives in Hong Kong and loves shopping secondhand, finding amazing pieces at a thrift shop or rummaging in vintage markets knows that these kinds of experiences are limited here. The ladies at Rug Lane had a good thing going and ran about six successful markets, but then they moved to other places and those amazing events went with them.

I was a seller at a couple of those markets, and a buyer at even more of them so I was particularly disappointed when that concept came to an end. I've been involved in a couple of one off Pre Loved Sales so I was keen to get something going to fill the void that Rug Lane left behind. I remember having a conversation with Billie Grace, one of the founders, before she left who'd asked if I'd be interested in keeping Rug Lane going. I was flattered, but felt a bit daunted by the prospect.

That said, I knew I'd be keen to take the idea and shape it in a way that felt more manageable and more me. So, my girl Akiko (@akik0sakai), co-conspirator and partner on many creative projects, and I decided to put our heads together again for something new. We've organized a number of different kinds of markets and events (Stanley Market Pop Up Shop, Stanley Night Market), worked on photo shoots together and have been swapping clothes with each other for years.

We had a trial run of our Hand Me Down Collective concept in October which gave us lots of inspiration to build on this concept. Basically, Hand Me Down Collective allows us to curate a second hand shopping experience while allowing people to clear out their wardrobes in a way that prevents textile waste and allows their garments to be loved in someone else's closet. 

We're excited to have the support of Redress, our Hong Kong based NGO working to reduce textile waste and promote environmental sustainability in fashion, who will not only have a clothing donation bin for people who have cleared their own wardrobes before coming to our event but will also have a rack of their own pieces from past Pop Up Shops for sale. The proceeds of these sales will go towards supporting the important work that they do in Hong Kong and elsewhere.

We also have Wine 'n Things bringing us tasty cocktails while we shop. We will have Australia's version of Aperol called Okar and Applewood Gin. Your first drink is included with the purchase of your ticket.

So there you have it. We're bursting with ideas for future Hand Me Down Collective events, and cannot wait to see you this weekend. Follow us on social media for more information: Facebook, Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter.

Here are all the details about the Hand Me Down Collective Pre Loved Sale II. . .

Date: Saturday, March 2 
Time: 1pm - 6 pm
Location: Print House HK 
Sing Teck Factory Building
44 Wong Chuk Hang Road

Many thanks to the Print House HK who has been a long standing supporter of all mine and Akiko's creative ventures. We'd not get very far without you cheerleading us on.

Links à la Mode: fashion roundup by Independent Fashion Bloggers
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