Monday, November 26, 2018

Leopard: Learning to Love a Print

I should really learn to be flexible in my sartorial opinions. I've pretty much eaten my words on numerous occasions, especially when talking about trends (remember my post about the dad sneaker trend?) Yeah, well, I'm going to do it again.

Although, to be fair, this time it's not my opinion that's changed. I've always appreciated leopard print (animal prints, of all kinds, let's say). I'm a print lover. Print mixing, print smashing, call it whatever. I love to do it. I just always thought that for whatever reason, leopard was a bit too bold for me. Okay, okay. Maybe some of you who know what I wear are giggling. Perhaps bold is the wrong word. Maybe it's wild. Whatever it is, it's irrelevant now. I've fully embraced the print in every sense.

Where did it start? Well, about two years ago, I found a Cambridge Satchel with a faux leopard fur pocket secondhand for a steal on a Facebook group. It was the perfect mix of color which meant I could style the handbag with black or brown. And, I loved the pop of leopard to add something unique to the look (a little less preppy school girl). 

Shortly after that, a friend handed me some leopard print kitten heels to try. I wore those as much as I could before realising that they were way too small and gave them to another friend. After those two pieces entered my wardrobe, I was hooked. See?

I branched out, too. Thrifted a snake print skirt and found a leopard print belt two summers ago. I've found myself with little animal print or animal inspired embellishments sneaking in. This summer I thrifted a cool sweatshirt with a tiger on it.

Safe to say that by the time I found this gorgeous leopard print maxi online from South of the River Boutique in the UK, I knew it had to be mine. I love that it came from a small business and with that, some of the sweetest customer service as I tried to figure out the right size and return the dress I mistakenly ordered first. 

There are so many fun ways to style this dress, too. I've already worn it twice in a matter of two weeks. I combined two trends, leopard and dad sneakers for the first go (you can see it on Instagram). And here I am pairing it with a blazer vest for the second look. I'm already thinking of other ways as well. Definitely packing it for our Christmas holiday to Australia!

Here's a sneaky pic of my big girl who helps with photos these days. She's developing her eye and skill with photography and she's certainly got an opinion. This weekend she told me she wasn't a fan of my oversized blazer look. Funny girl. Love her to bits. Glad she feels comfortable sharing all kinds of things with me. Makes for a happy mumma, most days.

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