Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Working Girl x Pretty in Pink x Dad Shoes: Embracing a Trend

You know, I really wavered with this whole dad shoe trend. I'm never one to follow a trend simply because it's trendy (I've written about this numerous times), but that doesn't mean I ignore them. Who could possibly not notice how Balenciaga has put their name all over oversized clunky sneakers? I have to admit, I was shocked at first. Had people gone mad? What had they started?

Then I started to notice how some of my favorite ladies starting to embrace the dad shoe look, mixing it in with their vintage and thrifted finds and this intrigued me. First I noticed my girl Beth Jones of @bjonesstyle rocking this pair of Steve Madden dad sneakers.

Next, I saw my babe Abby of @clothesandpizza rocking the look. She even wrote about how to embrace it on her blog, here. I was confused. What was I missing? How did these fabulous ladies find this look attractive? What did they know that I didn't?

So I did some research. I found this blog post on Man Repeller and agreed, especially as she discussed why we actually partake in trends anyhow. Why do some attract us while others repel us? And, how do we acknowledge them without sounding judgemental? So I kept looking. I poured over the images that came up on my Google search and as I looked, I noticed that the looks were reminiscent of that 80s classic movie Working Girl.  And that was when I started to turn.

So I did what most girls do; I asked my girlfriends what they thought. I love my girl gang for this...there's never judgement, just honest responses. And hilarity, always hilarity. And despite their at times brutal honesty, there are never hurt feelings. We should all be so lucky to have such supportive women around us. 

Of the responses I got, two stood out. First was my girl Sabrina's which was something along the lines of they're ugly like 90s Sketchers and they'll always be ugly like 90s Sketchers. She and I send each other sequin outfits and vintage inspo, so I needed to hear this from her. The other response came from lovely Jasmine, whose style is also on point. Edgy, sleek and sexy as hell and she wears some killer heels, too. Her response was something like I looooove the dad shoe trend. I have two pairs in black and white (coincidentally, most of her things are black or white).

Basically, the feedback was do what you like cause we love you anyway (gotta love a girl gang for that kind of support). So I did. Who doesn't want more comfortable shoes anyway? When I wore them the first time, I'd just acquired this Pretty in Pink inspired vintage dress which I thought complimented the dad shoe quite well.

So there you have it, the story of how I succumbed to this trend and found it creeping in and influencing my style. If you follow me on Instagram @imanorbyah, you'll have noticed these white Nike M2K Tekno trainers making quite frequent appearances. Thanks Abby for the advice to buy them in white!

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