Monday, October 15, 2018

Packing 15/30 Challenge: Final Thoughts


I'm such a bad blogger. I had this whole series detailing my 15/30 packing challenge planned on my Instagram feed and a few blog posts lined up.  Then life got in the way and I forgot. Summer feels like months ago and I still haven't written my follow up to that 15/30 packing challenge.

You poor souls have probably been waiting on baited breath to hear what I thought. To know how you too can take on your own 15/30 challenge as a way to pack or pare down your wardrobe and live minimally and I've let you down.

I'm joking, of course. You know I'm joking, right? I'm taking the absolute piss out of myself. Thank you to those random few who are still reading blogs and are taking your time to read mine. I appreciate you.

Okay, big takeaways...

First, I don't like this blue floral dress on me. Enough said. I tried quite a few times to wear it and the neckline is too open, making it hard for me to wear. It got put on the giveaway/sell pile. Also, the dresses were the least worn garments. I packed two. I'd definitely pack separates only next time or maybe just one dress.

Actually,  what surprised me was how easy it was to get dressed when I had only 15 (okay 16) pieces to choose from. Waking up knowing I only had a handful of options meant I could think about an outfit more quickly. Granted, it was summer holiday, so I didn't have any elaborate occasions to dress for. That made it easy, too.

Another thing I learned was I had to be more creative with how I styled certain garments. A blouse could easily double as a light jacket/kimono and so on. I also found myself finding that it doesn't take much to make a garment feel different. Here are two ways I wore the kimono (a piece I picked up along the way) and the black and white blouse (scroll up).

Finally, I discovered in a very real and practical sense that accessories shouldn't be afterthoughts. I often throw jewellery, scarves and sunglasses on right at the end when walking out the door, while not really considering how they can really pull an outfit together. They can also be the focal point of an outfit. I have to remember that.

So there you have it, my ramblings about having a capsule wardrobe. I kept it going despite coming home ahead of schedule because it made life easy, especially when hosting my parents for a month and not having easy access to the rest of my wardrobe. I was glad to get it back...but I've been paring down what I own in a major way.

I'm hosting the Hand Me Down Collective this weekend. Details here. Hong Kongers come along!

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Radostin said...

I love your blue and white striped and spotted skirt!

Norbyah said...

Thanks @Radostin, it comes from a friend's brand Maisha Concept. You should check it out. Beautiful fabric sourced from Africa and India incorporated into modern designs for women.

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