Friday, September 14, 2018

What's in a hashtag, anyway? (Links a la Mode, Sept 20th)

I usually don't care about hashtags. Or likes. Or followers. Or whatever. I mean when I first started my blog, I did.  I took each lost follower personally and tried to figure out what I'd done wrong, but that was because it was all new to me.

These days, I've got more of a give no shits attitude about it. I mean, it's not my livelihood, so I don't have to worry about lost business opportunities. I don't have to hustle in the same way that other social media influencers do. I admire the work that those bloggers do and how creative and driven they are to inspire the rest of us. That said, though, I do want to have an audience. I enjoy writing my blog and being creative. I love engaging with like-minded people and working on collaborations.

I do have a voice and opinions about the sustainability of fashion, the love of the secondhand garment, the hunt for vintage and thrifted fashion and even my experiences with motherhood. And, because I'm writing about these things, I'd like people to actually connect with and read these thoughts. Lately, my blog content has become much more editorial in nature rather than simply cataloging my daily outfits.

There's only so much to say about what I wear, but there's definitely more to say about those other subjects, don't you think? And I do hope my blog content leaves people thinking.

I've also focused a bit more on expressing these thoughts on Instagram, too. And here is where my frustration comes. I'm not going to bark on about the challenges of the algorithm, though it is challenging. I'm not going to bark on about notifications, stories, shoppable Instagram posts or sponsored content. No. Cause, you know, whatever.

Instead, I'm going to just say this. Why does it always have to change? Why is it okay one day to use certain hashtags or to place them in the main post, but the next day we need to limit our hashtags to nine and place them in a comment? Why are some hashtags shadow banned or broken? WHY AM I SPENDING SO MUCH TIME THINKING ABOUT THIS???

Ugh. I'm annoyed because I actually don't care and then I find myself getting caught up thinking about it. I'm annoyed because in the last two weeks I've noticed a significant drop in my Instagram engagement. I allowed myself to give into the tips about how to hashtag and I changed how I post. And now, my posts are not getting the same engagement. I already know that more people look at my Instagram instead of my blog and I'm also annoyed about that. Cause I write, and I want those thoughts to have an audience.

And when I started out with Instagram, I treated hashtags in an almost satirical way. They were humorous afterthoughts about my post. I love when I read other people's tongue-in-cheek hashtags.

So yeah, I'm working hard at maintaining my give no shits attitude. And let me tell you, the struggle is real.

Links à la Mode, Sept. 20th, 2018
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Jennifer said...

Oh boy do I hate hashtags on Instagram. They feel so shallow, and yucky. Sometimes I can happily tag something, like if I participate in a certain instagram event, or if I know I am featuring a product or review that I want someone to be able to specifically find. But I've noticed some people must just copy and paste a whole slew of tags on every single post, to the point where the tags don't reflect the subject manner. It drives me nuts. Sometimes I feel like my post gets more hits from the tags, and some it doesn't make a difference. I think good old fashion direct engagement does more than just tags.

I do feel you, I think I get more annoyed by the mystery of socials patterns than actually needing to feel "liked"

Sharon said...

Your blog is so inspiring, Norbyah! I actually prefer reading fashion blogs to instagram, even though I engage in both, and maybe it's because I'm 40 and I'm not from this "fast" generation--I like to look at blogs, admire photos, read the stories behind them and it's all amazing inspirational art and creative expression to me. I hope to do more of it myself and have dreamed of it often, and your blog has inspired me in that! Stay true to you, you still have an audience that admires and appreciates your work.

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