Friday, September 28, 2018

An Easy Weekend Uniform

Hong Kong is still stinking hot. Actually, I lie. In the evenings, just in this last week and a half, the weather has been lovely. Perfect for a rooftop wine session, which is just great news given that Fall break starts TODAY!

I'll be revisiting this outfit en masse over the next week. An easy week off look that can be mixed and matched with the various kimonos, crop top/swim tops and denim cutoffs I have in my closet. The kimono helps me feel a bit more stylish than just a t-shirt and shorts, and there's of course the fun of adding the sunglasses, too.

And with the beginnings of our Hong Kong fall breezes, the kimono actually feels functional, too.

These accessories are also go to pieces for me. Lately, I've been really digging these long bohemian necklaces, especially the ones I have from Zoko Jewelery. If you haven't already, make sure to click over and shop their Instagram profile here

The designs are beautifully bohemian and beachy and perfect for embracing your free spirited self. I love that the stones are carefully picked and have special healing meanings and the pieces can dress up or dress down whatever you're wearing. In the heat of Hong Kong, they've been just the thing when I don't feel like wearing my vintage costume jewelery.

I'll be reaching for a combination of these key pieces all week.

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