Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Coby Move Shoes: Where Style and Sustainability Meet

I have to admit to being slow on the uptake of the ugly sneaker trend. I'm still wrapping my head around it (more on this in a later post). That said, I've always been a fan of the previous sneaker trend/athleisure trend. You know, more comfortable shoes in our everyday attire and making sporty clothes chic is alright by me. I need much help with my casual outfit game.

It's especially alright by me when I find out about anything stylish that is also sustainably made. Take these Coby Move sport shoes, for example. The designers were keen to make a shoe that was stylish and comfortable, but also sustainably sourced and made. 

These shoes are not just for runners, they're made for anyone with the spirit of adventure, even if that means your adventure is your morning commute.  The idea came from the designers' travels when they were looking for a shoe that was versatile, but also comfortable. They were tired of traipsing around Vietnam with sore feet!

Using Italian merino wool that comes from certified farmers using sustainable and fair trade practices in Australia, the fabric is produced in Italy by a small family owned factory also invested in sustainable practices. The merino wool makes a breathable, durable and lightweight fabric that maximizes comfort in a shoe meant to be worn everywhere.

But that's not all, the fabric is then taken to Spain and assembled using a bicomponent outsole which reduces pollution by 40% more than regular rubber soles.

That's enough for me.  Check out their kickstarter campaign and find out how you can support their venture. Here's to a future where more of the trend is towards sustainably made clothing and shoes.

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