Thursday, May 3, 2018

Who Wore Your Clothes?

I know last week was Fashion Revolution week, marking the 5th anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy. It's normally a week that I dedicate my blog and Instagram posts to highlighting the issues of textile waste and over consumption of fast fashion.

But I didn't this year. I took a posting break and I needed it. There is still just too much going on personally at the moment so I wanted to focus on those things and find a way to feel refreshed.

Last weekend, I took a short girls trip to Bali. The planning had been over half a year in the making, so the ladies and I were all excited to finally see the weekend arrive. Just being in the company of some girlfriends was the rejuvenation I needed. It is true about women building each other up; we nurture. We all should take time to spend just being us again (without other disruptions).

I am thankful for that sisterhood of friends and for the laughs we share. The Future really is Female, I think. And, my sisterhood of women friends extends beyond just those in real life. I have so many who I've connected with via Instagram, too. Real, supportive, amazing women.

One such lady is Kenia, who runs two gorgeous Instagram/Etsy shops: @smallneeds and @retrorhapsody. This vintage silk tropical fish robe came from her shop, and when she sold it to me, she shared the story of it's owner. Apparently, the previous owner was a local artist in the Miami area, where my girl Kenia is based. Conni Gordon was a well respected and eccentric art teacher with distinct style who believed age was just a number.  Read for yourself, here. She sounded awesome.

I hope that I can embody that same spirit as the new owner of this garment. 

I know Fashion Revolution week wants us to ask Who Made My Clothes and I do, but as a lover of secondhand/vintage clothing, I'll always wonder Who Wore My Clothes, too. 

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