Friday, June 1, 2018

Real Mumma Talk: A Recipe for Work-Life Balance

People often ask me how I manage it all. The parenting, the work, the blog, making time for exercise and a social life.

You look great! How do you do it? They'll marvel. To be honest, it makes me blush. I feel like an imposter because I can hardly say that I have my shit together. I'm just trying to survive most weeks.

Okay, okay. That's being dramatic, but still. Some weeks are a slog. In fact, lately, most weeks have been a slog. Between managing a big recycling initiative at work, supporting my hubby who is healing from achilles tendon surgery, and helping my mum who has been in hospital twice this month, on top of the usual chaos, I'm pooped.

The dirty truth of the matter is this. What's my recipe for work-life balance? I don't have one and that's because there is no such thing. I would argue that it should in fact be called work-life imbalance. That's more accurate.

Sure, you can sometimes make tweaks and adjustments so that it feels like you're achieving balance, but in actual fact, there's always a sacrifice. And the sacrifice is this: you have to settle for not giving everything your best effort. I mean, really, who has time for that?

If I'm being honest, and I'm not afraid to be, I am not doing things to the best of my ability. That doesn't mean that I half-ass things, because I certainly don't do that. I do things pretty damn well. I just know deep down that I could probably do them better.

I could get to the gym four days a week. I could spend more quality time with my children helping them pursue all their passions and being a super helicopter mumma. I could be a better teacher and plan better lessons or provide more timely feedback. I could plan more blog posts in a week or take better photos. I could really curate my Instagram feed so that I could have a greater following. I could make sure that the hubby and I get more regular date nights or that I see my girlfriends for more fun nights out together.

But, I don't really do any of these things to my best ability because it means totally sucking at something else. And, I don't want to suck at anything. I want to be good. I just know that I don't have to be great.

And I'm okay with that. When a mumma can figure that part out, life can be so much better.  Not easier, just better.

***I even had to wait to post this because I've been too busy to even take blog photos. The big girl got a new-to-her camera so she's a keen photographer for me and I'm a happy guinea pig for her to experiment on. She's doing pretty well, don't you think?

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