Thursday, April 19, 2018

Spring Pastels

As a self professed lover of color and bold prints and everything bright, I found myself quite at a loss this morning when I was trying to get dressed and looking for pastel shades to wear. First, I was looking for pastels. What? And second, I had none.

Okay, not none. Some. Just not the color I wanted. I have peachy pinks, but lately I want pinky pinks. And lavendary purples and buttery yellows. Or baby blues. BABY BLUES! I've never really loved baby blues. I prefer stronger blues like royal blue. So, this has me thrown for a loop.

And the really frustrating thing is that I don't really have a nearby thrift shop to poke through like I do when I visit the States. At times like this when I long to pick up just a few on trend pieces, I miss being able to pop into Savers or Salvation Army. Or an estate sale. A charity shop! Sigh.

But, this serves as a good reminder that I don't need to rush off and fill my closet with more clothes. It reminds me that there's a good bit of creativity involved in a challenge like this and I remember to shop my own closet. So, I did.

I bought nothing new. I wore what I had. I got my pastel fix. I was able to dig out this lightweight blazer from Vic & Lily and my Thrifted Sisters peachy skirt.

Okay, it helps to have a few new accessories to play with. The sunnies were too fun to pass up, so I grabbed them. The slides are actually from a shop that sells super local, cheap stuff like pegs, hangers, kitchen towels, etc. I couldn't decide if they were super ugly or super cute. Maybe they're both. They came in two colors, red or lavender. 

Sometimes a few fresh accessories make everything feel like new (even when they were never new to start with). Go on, try it. Shop your closet and change things up with some small new thing. It will work, I promise.

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