Thursday, April 12, 2018

Muumuu Love

There is no way to make the word muumuu sound attractive, is there. I don't think so. But I'd argue that wearing a muumuu doesn't have to be unattractive. Certainly, if you refer to a muumuu as a caftan, that helps, but I don't think this one counts as a caftan. I looked up definitions of muumuu and it distinctly says "shapeless", "brightly colored" and "floral print" in many of the results of my searches. A caftan just sounds more exotic, if you ask me.

Wearing a muumuu has many benefits. First, it's shapeless and ladies we all appreciate that, right? It's a great way to just feel relaxed in an article of clothing without worry that something isn't sitting right, or protruding or clinging in an unsightly way. Feeling uninhibited or anxious about fit is really liberating, right? 

Another benefit of wearing a muumuu in our Hong Kong climate is that it doesn't cling to your body. With the humidity making a fast return, I know I'll really appreciate this aspect of the dress.

The trick to making sure I'm not sitting around in a housedress like Mrs Roper is to style up a muumuu with dressy details. I decided this would be a fun dress to wear for my uncle's lauch event for his new book on Hong Kong food called Hong Kong Food City (click title to order a copy).

And as I look back on these pictures, it's the details that made the outfit pop. Black heels with my glitter pink socks, my secondhand Alexander Wang handbag, and of course a hat. I feel like the outfit is equal parts boho and chic which was just right for hanging with some pretty cool chefs and other foodie type influencers. And, of course there were some yummy nibbles,  but I didn't have to worry about my waistline (yet another benefit of wearing muumuus)! I went to this event with my dad which made it all the more special.

I have a sneaky confession to make, though. The dress is not vintage or secondhand. It's H&M. I justified buying it with the coupon I received for donating some clothes for their recycling program. That still makes it a little eco-friendly, right?  Please say yes.

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