Thursday, April 5, 2018

Defining Style: The Culotte Coord, Sport Socks & Velvet Platforms Edition and Links a la Mode, April 5th

Style is always evolving. As such, I find myself in a reflective moment as I make an attempt at defining mine. Oh, you mean you don't do this? Okay, well indulge me this rambling will be akin to my musings about the terms fashion blogger vs. style blogger.

I mean, as I look at these pictures from a shoot several weeks ago, I kind of scratch my head and wonder. How would you describe this look? This sport sock with velvet platforms with a culotte coord and patterned coat look!

When I tell people I blog about vintage fashion, I feel like a certain image accompanies that description, but I'm not sure that really fits me. Yes, I love vintage clothing. I love those vintage bloggers who can channel a decade - from head to toe - to the tee. I'm not that kind of blogger, though. I mix decades and often get them confused. I mix vintage pieces with contemporary pieces.  And, I tend to be inspired by character looks not decades, though I know as soon as I say that, it's not quite right either.

Take this look, for example. I cannot tell you what character I'm inspired by, but I can tell you that I was going through a phase of being super inspired by over the top costume-y clothing, specifically drag queen looks. Velvet platforms, huge sunglasses, velvet, overdone embellishments like faux fur or sequins. Literally everyday, I was incorporating some of these things into my outfits.

Now that it's spring and the weather has changed, those embellishments are harder to mix in. Don't worry, I haven't given up. I'm still wearing them with my spring florals and pastels.  So yeah, not purely vintage, though certain decades provide lots of character inspo. And, I'm mindful of trends, though not driven by them or a follower of them, per se. 

I recently reread an interview I did with Baglady Basics years ago and when I was asked to describe my style, I said "vintage-inspired, eclectic and feminine." I remember saying feminine because at the time, the dress was my go-to article of clothing always. I wouldn't say the same is true now, but I also wouldn't say that how I dress is not feminine. Rather, it's a new way of realizing what feminine dressing is for me. It's bold. It's outspoken. It's unexpected and confident.

So, there you have it. I'm not sure I've quite defined my style, but I have acknowledged it's evolution. And, I've said what it's not, which is as good as definining it in my book.

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Links à la Mode, April 5th, 2018
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