Monday, March 26, 2018

Styling The R Collective

When my friends from Redress asked if I would style up one of The R Collective upcycled blazers, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. These blazers all have fun cut outs on the back and I thought how interesting it would be to showcase that detail by wearing it backwards.

So, that's exactly what I did.

Most outfits I post are real outfits that I actually wore, but I have to be honest, this one was perhaps a bit to avant garde to wear to work.  I love it, though.

Because wearing the blazer backwards is already outrageous, I thought playing up the accessories would be fun. Big tassel earrings, a flower pin, fishnet socks with faux pearl trim and these wacky Zara mules. 

I'd wear this on a night out with the hubby. Some kind of date night, for sure. He'd probably roll his eyes at the fact that I'd be wearing my blazer backwards, but love me all the same.

I love how wearing it backwards creates a kind of sexy back detail. To play that detail up, I made sure to wear my tube top. It also helped with the horizontal cutouts at the back (styled in front) not be cluttered with other layers. 

This blazer is designed by Redress Design Award winners Kevin Germanier and Victor Chu and made from rescued luxury fabrics as part of The R Collective's first Trailblazer Collection. Currently, The R Collective also features some lovely knitwear from most recent winner Kate Morris. 

Submissions for the next cycle of the Redress Design Award just closed this month and I'm already looking forward to seeing what sustainable fashion designers emerge. Stay tuned!

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