Friday, February 23, 2018

Thrifted Sisters: Floral Trend for Winter

Hong Kong winter had me in a funk for a little while. I just couldn't get dressed because my basic need was to find a way to be warm inside. Luckily, that cold, cold inside weather has passed and we're experiencing the typical flip-floppy Chinese New Year weather instead. The week off started with blue skies and sun, whereas now we're onto grey skies and misty rain.

I won't complain, though. I know that hot sticky humid weather is around the corner, so I'm going to enjoy the opportunity to layer as long as I can.

Speaking of which, while the weather is still coldish, I dug out the floral jumpsuit I got from Thrifted Sisters vintage to style it up for cooler weather. Remember, our collaboration intended to show how one trend, in this case florals, can be styled through the seasons. You may recall how I styled it for the end of summer, here. Now granted if Hong Kong experienced a real winter, this jumpsuit would be seriously off limits due to it's lightweight rayon like fabric, but lucky for me Hong Kong doesn't get a real winter.

This floral jumpsuit is ideal for styling through the seasons because the floral print has winter-like color tones with its black background color and dark green, blue-purple and dark pink.

I gave my jumpsuit the winter style treatment by wearing it with my secondhand Monki jacket, ankle boots and my burgundy hat. For make up, I also made sure to wear some darker shades. Rather than wear my signature red lipstick, I chose a deeper wine color.

Finally, I finished it off with my secondhand Alexander Wang handbag, which I've been wearing cross body style pretty much since I got it.

Florals are such a perfect all year trend, I think. I'm already thinking about how I'll change this item up for spring.  Stay tuned.

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