Thursday, January 18, 2018

Ruglane Love

Having made a resolution to be more intentional about what I do and to begin to pare away some of the excess in my wardrobe, I'm thrilled to be selling at Ruglane Vintage and Secondhand Markets again. This will make my third market as a seller and I'm really going through what's in my wardrobe with a cutthroat attitude. If I haven't worn something within the last six months to a year, then it's gone!

I also just got some great advice from my girl Beth at @bjonesstyle who is also doing a closet clean out with Cathleen at @assemblyla who suggests that when deciding whether or not to keep an item, consider how you feel when you wear it. If it doesn't make you feel good or you always have a nagging thought about how it fits, then it needs to go. 

I'm finding that easier said than done, but I'm coming around.  Sometimes actually taking the time to put the item on again reminds you exactly what those feelings are, so I'm trying to do that.  In fact, I did it just this morning when I was getting dressed for work. I put on a dress and realized that I hadn't really worn it since the first time I wore it because it's just a little too big for me. Beth also suggests taking ALL your clothes out so that you can see them.  This is hard to do in the small spaces of Hong Kong, but I'm getting to it by going in chunks through my wardrobe. It's slow going, but I'm feeling good about it.

 My girl Sabrina of @msyinmsyang and First Wife Studios also gave me a good bit of advice about maintaining a wardrobe. One in, two out or one new item in means you have to take two out. I'm not anywhere near incorporating that advice just yet, but it's a good thing to remember so that I can be mindful in my consumption habits. I'll definitely be taking this on as part of my resolution to be intentional.

Speaking of which, this outfit has two gems that I acquired at the last Ruglane Markets: the jacket and the platform sandals. It was a successful selling day for me and I had many more than two pieces taken out of my wardrobe, so I thought these two purchases were justified.

 The sandals are Isabel Marant, and were never worn. They were exactly my style and I snatched them up for a bargain. I swear I've worn these so many times since then. The jacket is actually from H&M, also never worn, and it was originally Billie-Grace's who is the founder of the Ruglane Markets. She recently moved back to Australia, so I thought it would be a sweet reminder of her.

Anyhow, Vol. 5 of the Ruglane Vintage and Secondhand Markets takes place on March 4th at Sunny Hills in Chancery Lane from 11- 5pm. You can find more information and purchase your buyer tickets here.

I hope to see you there!


Lindsey said...

Oh, the one in two out rule is really something I should implement in my closet as well. And what a fabulous outfit!

Lindsey said...

Ooh I need to start implementing the 1 in 2 out rule in my own closet. And your outfit is fabulous. Love your shoes!

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