Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Redress Design Award: New Cycle, New Name. Same Mission & Links a la Mode, February 1st

It's the start of a new cycle of the Redress Design Award and this year it's going to be the biggest one yet. On Redress's ten year anniversary, they've decided to rebrand what was once the Eco Chic Design Award and rename it so it can be aligned more closely to its organizers, the NGO Redress.

With the launch of this new cycle comes other exciting news as well. The competition, now in it's eighth cycle, is open globally to emerging designers with under three years professional experience to take part in creating a collection using sustainable design techniques. 

A few weeks ago, I was invited to attend the launch event at Eaton House in Central where I was able to sit in on a panel discussion about business and retail trends in sustainable fashion. I was happy to see that Redress is still promoting a circular economy and a vision for the future of sustainable fashion along with their aim to reduce textile waste. Did you know that in Hong Kong alone, we send approximately 125,195 tonnes of textiles to landfills (2016)? That figure along with the fact that between 2016 and 2018, sales across all fashion categories is set to triple? It's mind boggling.

While at the launch, I was also able to browse through their newly rebranded sustainable fashion brand now called The R Collective (formerly BYT). They launched at last year's Grand Final with a line of blazers and coats designed by Redress alumni Kevin Germanier and Victor Chu and now have some lovely knitwear courtesy of designer Kate Morris who won the most recent cycle.

With the competition now being open globally, sustainable fashion and Redress's impact on the fashion industry has a bright future. I'm thrilled to support their efforts and champion their message here on the blog, with others in my blogging world and with the students where I work who know my passion for the environment and sustainability. 

With the rebranding of Redress's upcycled fashion brand, I am excited to have been given an opportunity to style up their houndstooth blazer. You may have already seen me give it the print smashing treatment over on my Instagram, but stay tuned for more styling here. 

Links à la Mode, February 1st, 2018
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