Wednesday, January 24, 2018

I Got it From My Daddy

I lucked out in the parent department. Seriously. I grew up with them teaching at my school and even now, I teach with my mother. In the same department! We even team-teach a course. My dad, now that he's retired, does supply teaching at my school, too.

I'm not going to get all personal and tell you my life story, don't worry, but I do have a point to this whole I have great parents business. 

And it's love of secondhand and vintage clothing came from my parents. Growing up, we lived in hand-me-downs. I mean, being a teacher's kid, it's part of the territory (my kids live in hand-me-downs). At a young age, I learned that when one person is done with their clothes, other people can still get good wear out of them. Preloved clothing was normal for us. And, I'm grateful that my parents taught me this idea.

As my sisters and I got older, we began raiding our parents' closets (mostly my dad's, but also my mum's as well). In sixth grade, I styled up a champagne colored 80s dress to give it some Madonna touches (black lace gloves, a wide elastic belt and a big black head scarf) to wear to our school's semi formal dance.

My dad had some amazing vintage pieces that he'd worn through the 70s. Bell bottom slacks, wide collared shirts, blazers and leisure suits.  Oh man, I wish I could rummage through that wardrobe now.  I still remember this eggplant colored blazer he had...

My dad still maintains to this day that the reason he doesn't have any of those old pieces any longer is because we pilfered our way through his clothes when we were teens.

Well, we didn't take everything.  I found this Jack Nicholas golf shirt a few months back and after asking my dad nicely if he still wanted it, he handed it over. I'm not sure if he was ready to part with it yet, but I think he gave it to me for old time's sake. 

See? The best parents. 

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Putri said...

We sure do have the best parents! Love you!

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