Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Domo Arigato Mr Fujimoto

I know people look at me sometimes and wonder what the hell I'm thinking when I get dressed in the morning. I mean, this outfit is definitely out there...culottes, a silk nightie and those block wedge heels with fishnet socks! I don't know, I think with it being the holiday season, I'm inspired to just have fun with my clothes.

I guess you could say that's kind of a motto I live by these days.  If you're not having fun getting dressed, then what the hell are you doing? I know, I know. It's just clothes some may say, but for me it's an expression of who I am.

With my outfits, I can experiment with different decades, or personas. I can be inspired by other people or by a particular piece I'm wearing, which brings me to what I really want to tell you about.  This velvet blazer. 

Back when I was in South Korea last month, I made it a point to suss out some thrift shops. Here in Hong Kong, we can find some great vintage pieces from Korea and Japan, but I figured that vintage boutiques would probably be quite expensive. What I miss most living over here are thrift shops, so I set out to find some in Seoul.

After doing some research, I found a chain of thrift shops I wanted to check out called Vin Prime.  Lucky for me, there was one relatively close (or so I thought). It was an adventure to find, and by far the most interesting location for a thrift shop. I actually had to buy a train ticket to go into the subway station where the shop was located.

It was the jackpot, though. Designer brands like Chloe, Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, etc. The shop in the train station was mostly men's and women's clothing - coats, blazers, dresses, sweaters, pants, and skirts. I was hoping there would be more denim, hats and other accessories, but I loved what I found there. 

I've been really into velvet and had hopes to find a velvet blazer. I'd had several in my basket on Etsy, but wanted to find one on my own in a thrift shop. I found a cool burgundy one almost immediately as I walked into the shop. But then, remembering the advice of one of my style inspirations, Beth Jones of B. Jones Style, I browsed the men's section before leaving.

I was so glad that I did because there in front of me was this amazing navy blazer. It's oversized in the best way, but my favorite part is the personalized embroidery on the inside that reads K. Fujimoto.

Men's blazers are amazing. They have all these hidden pockets, and the tailoring is stunning.  I wonder if Mr Fujimoto had some killer velvet pants that matched this blazer. I'll never know, but I imagine that he must have been a stylish dude. 

Thanks again, Mr Fujimoto.

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