Friday, November 17, 2017

What Inspires You?

I should really use Pinterest more to keep a 'scrapbook' of looks, but I'm afraid I'll get sucked in and quite frankly I don't need anymore time suckers.

In any case, I can't take credit for this outfit. I was really inspired by a look I saw on an Instagram account I follow, @mercyvintage. These days, Instagram is real well spring of inspiration for me. I don't usually copy outfits, but prefer to offer my own take on the original inspiration.

Whenever I find something that excites me, my first instinct is to look into my own closet to see how I can pull my own pieces to recreate the look. Copying exactly leaves little room for creativity, so I try not to do that.  In this case, you can see from the original, that there are lots of aspects that are similar to the original outfit, but nothing that is an exact copy.

I've got a silk bomber, instead of a blingy cardigan. My skirt is crushed velvet and more of a gold color than the yellow knitted version (theirs is also a maxi skirt, while mine is a midi). Scarf, also different and chosen to match what I selected. The shirt was a sweet gift from @thriftedsisters who saw that I'd posted this outfit inspiration in my instastory and knew her piece would help me to put the look together.

Which brings me to my next point. People inspire me. People like @bjonesstyle and @karenbritchick whose enthusiasm for what they do is contagious. Who wouldn't love getting dressed when you see how excited they are about playing dress up. Seriously, subscribe to their YouTube channels and you'll see. My girl Abby of @clothesandpizza has a new one, too. She's super fun to watch, too.

But that's not all. Movies and TV inspire me. I sometimes imagine how fun it would be to be a costume designer for movies or TV. Shows like GLOW or Girlboss, featuring vintage fashion or a movie like The Age of Adaline. I was crushing on Blake Lively for weeks after that.

Color inspires me (look back at the previous post, I just wanted to wear red). Patterns inspire me, especially wearing lots of them. Seasons inspire me. I'm in Seoul right now and it's actually Fall. I'm loving being able to rug up in a proper coat.

So yeah, inspiration is all around. Where do you find yours?

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