Monday, November 20, 2017

Summer Days Have Come and Gone

When Summer lingers, or there's suddenly unseasonable warmth at the end of October or November, its usually referred to as an Indian Summer. What does that even mean? I decided to look up the origins to make sure I was understanding the term correctly. Apparently what it refers to is the occasional warm summer weather that occurs well after the end of season. It became known as Indian Summer because Native Americans believed it was a warm wind sent by their southern god.

At least that's the official explanation offered on the internet. Whatever it means, it has nothing to do with my outfit or really even this post except to say that Hong Kong summers are longer anyhow. The humidity dips, but it really only gets 'cool' in November. I picked up this dress in an end of summer sale at H&M, which would never occur in any store other than in Hong Kong because summer weather is long gone. 

It is arguably over here, too. In fact, as I recall, the day I wore this thin summer dress, I remember feeling a bit of the chill. And now that I look back at these pictures, I'm feeling a little sad that those blue Sam Edelman slides that have been such a staple in my outfits this Fall might have to be put away for a little bit. 

Not yet, because I can still wear them with pants, but soon. I'd better think about ways I might be able to layer this dress.  Over pants? Belted?

I don't have to be sad about these Eat Da Rich pom pom earrings because there are all sorts of possibilities for winter outfits.

Just you wait and see!

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