Saturday, November 25, 2017

Gold Dress and Gratitude & Links a la Mode, Nov 30

***Disclaimer: This is a more personal post than most.

It's Thanksgiving weekend, and I would be remiss if I didn't use it as an opportunity to stop and reflect and give thanks.

So, how shall I reflect? What am I grateful for? How can I do justice to the many gifts in my life? And there are many...I have my health, I have my family and I have wonderful friends. I have love in my life, a job I enjoy and a roof over my head. Those things are reason alone to stop and be grateful everyday. And, for the most part I do. Gratitude for these things shouldn't just be shown once a year.

As a parent, I try most of all to make sure my children understand what it means to be thankful for what they have. Too much these days, I see kids whose focus seems to be on what they don't have. Maybe it's a bi-product of social media that makes them hyper aware of what others post and then compare themselves to others experiences. Whatever the reason, at home we make sure to remind our kiddos that they shouldn't say only as in "I only got such and such...or I only have this or that" but rather "Look, I got such and such" in away that helps them know that they were lucky to receive it.

But this post isn't just about the gratitude I have for my children, my family and my friends. It's about more. It's about stopping to reflect on where this blogging journey has taken me and more importantly, where it's going and the gratitude I have for all that it's brought me.

This week, I had coffee and a catch up with a friend and we spoke about what we had going on in our lives beyond motherhood and work. We spoke about the things we were passionate about, the desire to be creative and the enjoyment we get when we find like minded souls. She asked me what I thought my blogging meant to me and about the future of this journey. And then she encouraged me to continue it. 

It was one of those afternoons that left me feeling fulfilled and supported by a fellow woman, and that in itself was important. We women can be our own harshest critics, so it felt wonderful to feel lifted up. It made me feel such appreciation for the community of people I've met by way of this blogging journey. The women who, like me, are putting themselves out there and sharing their voices on blogs, on Instagram, on You Tube. 

The girl bosses who are running their brands and businesses and taking risks to follow their dreams. They're hustling, creating, beautifying, teaching, inspiring....and doing so for the love of it.

And when I think about it,  I feel incredibly lucky to be part of this amazing, creative community of strong women and to have found friends here along the way.

Links à la Mode, November 30
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