Thursday, November 9, 2017

All Over Red

Red has been a hot color this season. I've seen loads of people with pops of red on Instagram transitioning from summer into fall. From Geneva of A Pair and a Spare who adds reds as a statement to my girls Abby of Clothes and Pizza (@clothesandpizza) and Beth of B. Jones Style (@bjonesstyle) layering whole outfits in red.

It was the idea of wearing as much of one color in one outfit that really inspired me. When you do this, it looks really sleek and super stylish. Even Karen of Where Did U Get That (@karenbritchick) suggested this as a fall styling idea. Watch that video here. I've just started watching her YouTube channel, but I reckon you should give her a follow/subscribe.

So be forewarned, this outfit is saturated in color! I clearly couldn't sneak in and out of anywhere in this outfit because everywhere, heads turned instantly. You can definitely spot me in a crowd.

Since wearing this, I've been consciously adding more red to my existing pieces so that I can create this look again. Actually, I'd really love to thrift a pair of red pants. My eyes are peeled. Do let me know if you find any for me.

More than that, I'm thinking about other colors I could wear from head to toe. I'd say blue is a strong contender. Layering in one color opens up all kinds of print mixing opportunities, too.

And now that it's officially layering weather in Hong Kong, the possibilities are endless!

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