Thursday, October 26, 2017

Sustainable Fashion: BYT Launch & T-shirt DIY

Way back in September at the Eco Chic Design Award Grand Final, BYT launched their clothing brand. Wait, what is BYT, you ask?

I actually want this t shirt dress for myself.

BYT is a sustainable luxury clothing brand born from work Christina Dean and Redress have been doing for years. Tired of seeing slow growth in awareness of sustainable fashion and recognizing that the environment is impacted heavily by the fashion industry, they decided to use what they've been teaching to create their own brand. Their brand is made by upcycling fashion's excess.

As part of their launch, they have challenged consumers to DIY a BYT tee and submit their designs as part of a competition. The winning design has the opportunity to be incorporated into their brand.

BYT and Redress sent me a few tees to experiment with, both for myself and with my girls who love a little DIY. I did some looking online for inspiration (what you see in this post). They also sent over  enough tees for the students in our school's Fashion Design class to have a go at creating their own designs as part of their unit on Sustainable Fashion. 

I'm going to pop down into their class to have a look at some of their designs and I'll share some of them over on my Instagram stories (@imanorbyah). 

So, here is my BYT creation. I've grown to really love a good oversized tee and I also love the cutouts I'm seeing all over blogs and Instagram feeds. I have to admit, I'm not really a DIYer, so working on this project pushed me out of my comfort zone, actually.

This is my littlest girl sharing her thoughts about her BYTee creation. After seeing my tee, she decided she wanted to make one of her t-shirts look like mine. When they saw how she'd been inspired, they generously offered to send over a few little tees for my girls to play around with. Cheers, BYT! Thanks for inspiring us all.


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