Tuesday, October 24, 2017

My Inner Stevie Nicks

Who doesn't love a bit of fringe? Not me. I love it. There's something so gypsy, boho, seventies amazing about it. Just think Stevie Nicks...so good.

A couple of months back, a girlfriend and I did a little clothing swap. She had a few items she was ready to part with and I had a few things that made me think of her. In the swap, I inherited this amazing velvet fringed kimono. I mean, how lucky am I???

Not only is it gorgeous, but I literally had been searching for one on Etsy just like this. And in this color. Seriously. What are the chances?

Now that our weather is a little cooler, I'm excited to bring out some of these layering pieces. Hong Kong will never get cold enough to parade around in lovely jackets (only lightweight ones), so this kimono is going to be my go to piece. I just know it.

Admittedly, these pictures are from a couple of weeks ago and I was still getting a bit sweaty, but now I know I can pull it out for legit reasons.

I cannot wait.


Putri said...

Love you Porks!

pink vintage heart said...

Omg! You lucked out with this amazing fringe kimono. It's so perfect and great for the season.


Shelbee on the Edge said...

This kimono is right up my alley! I absolutely love it! The velvet, the fringe, the colors. It is so gorgeous. How fortunate that you obtained it in a clothing swap! Because I would pay a substantial amount of money for something that gorgeous! Score for you. And I love it paired with the pencil skirt and tee. I have about 40 kimonos hanging in my closet and have not thought of styling any of them this way, but now I am inspired! Thank you for that!


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