Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Make it Sustainable: Restyling Zara

Way back in October of last year, I bought this lacy mesh Zara dress. It was on super sale and I was killing time at the airport (Hong Kong has a Zara at the airport, so that's the only time I ever go in, just to see what all the fuss is about).

So, I bought it. And then felt instant remorse for buying something from a fast fashion store brand new. Needless to say, I made a vow to wear it once a month or so to make it sustainable. I did my research, you see. To make a clothing choice sustainable, you must at least wear it at least 30 times. Read more here. And read about the promise I made here.

If you're a follower on Instagram (@imanorbyah), you'll see that I've made a good faith effort. I used the hashtag #makeitsustainable every time I posted. Okay, so maybe I haven't posted every month; the summer months got away from me. But here is September's restyling.

And, I've got a few more months left in the year to challenge myself.

And challenge, I will. I want to try to incorporate color at some point. All my looks so far have been monotoned. I do have to say, though, I've learned a lot about how to wear an item. It isn't so much how you actually wear it, but more how you view your options. 

If I only considered this Zara dress as a dress, I'd be quite limited. So far, in addition to being worn as a dress, it's been worn over jeans, worn as a swimsuit cover up, worn as a skirt and now worn as a top. It's amazing! Stay tuned over on Instagram if you want to see the remaining ways I'll wear it. Cooler weather is coming (albeit slowly), so that adds a different level of challenge. 

I think I'm up to it, don't you?

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Unknown said...

You’re so Audrey here. I love it!

Love, Ann

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