Sunday, September 3, 2017

Thrifted Sisters Summer Vacation: Midwest Musings

You know, it's hard looking back on these pictures taken in July. We've been back in Hong Kong for a month now (crazy how it feels longer than that), but seeing our front stairs in Madison makes me long for our home there.

We had an exciting summer, there's no doubt. A wedding and loads of family and friends around made it special. On the flip side of that was having to squeeze our time as a family in our Madison home into only nine days. Still, I'll take it.

We had just the right amount of bike rides down to Atwood Ave for ice cream at The Chocolate Shoppe or coffee at The Victory. We had several strolls to Fair Oaks Diner for breakfast. We cruised State Street and the Farmer's Market really only once, but made sure to get to the Memorial Union  twice, both times at sunset. We had really only one full day at Crystal Lake. Sigh.

We made the most of the time we had, so I have no regrets. It was cool for June and July, so I was glad to have this knitted sweater tank from Thrifted Sisters to wear.  Don't forget to mention my blog and get 20% off in her shop.

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