Saturday, September 9, 2017

Summer Weddings: What to Wear

Is there anything more fun than a summer wedding? I think not. This summer, our holiday with family was extra special because my youngest sister got married. She and her new hubby have actually been together for twelve years, so it was wonderful to celebrate their union.

Weddings are so different now to what they were when I got married. Couples are making their weddings more personal and there's less of a need to stick to convention. I love it. With all the ways couples personalize their weddings, how do we as guests know what to wear? 

Wedding guests can have a bit more fun with their outfits these days based on where and how the couple decides to get married. My sister's wedding was an outdoor event. They live in Brooklyn and their ceremony and celebration were held at Roberta's, a cool pizza restaurant with a fun hipster vibe.

The dress code for the wedding was festive, which basically meant that we had the liberty to have fun. Notice in the pictures all the different ways the guests interpreted this dress code.

I love all the color, in particular the reds and oranges that people were wearing. I love that men didn't feel compelled to wear ties. I love that sneakers and tevas with suits and dresses were perfectly acceptable, too.

Have a look at the gorgeous couple. Even their outfits pushed the idea of festive dress for their special day. My sister's wedding dress was just perfect for her. I couldn't imagine her in anything more traditional, so when she sent me pics of what she'd selected, I knew she'd found the one.

Of course, the season determines what you can actually wear, but I think it's great that guests have so much freedom now. Cowboy hats? Of course! No suit jacket? No problem!

So what would I suggest that wedding guests wear? Wear color! Wear patterns! Wear hats!

That goes for the men and the women. Look at this awesome teal blue suit (worn with tevas).

Look at these beauties in their reds and oranges. I love the floral piece in her hair. Who says that the bride is the only one who can have flowers? Not me!

As for me, I took festive dress to the max with my vintage floral jumpsuit from Granny Puckett Vintage. Clearly you can see that my little sister and I embraced 'festive' in every sense of the word. Good times. Good flow.

Here is a wonderful wedding guest style guide with more suggestions for other dress codes specified on wedding invitations. Thank you to The Black Tux for sharing these wedding attire ideas.

**Wedding photos courtesy of Carey MacArthur Photography

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