Friday, September 15, 2017

Language of Flowers

One thing I miss living in Hong Kong is having a garden with fresh flowers. Lilies, peonies, lilacs, crocuses, tulips, hyacinths, hydrangeas... the list goes on. I didn't really grow up having a flower garden in Malaysia, either, but for some reason I just know all about them. I know their names, when to expect them to pop up in your garden and how to care for them.

Part of my appreciation comes from my mother, which comes from my grandmother. My grandmother's driveway was lined with rose bushes and her front door had the most beautiful off white English roses. I remember when the hubby and I bought our first house, my parents came for a visit and my mum and I spent the days weeding and gardening. She bought me my gardening tools and a book about plants (which I still have) and even helped me to plant some new things as well. Being in the garden makes me think of her. 

Years ago, I read Vanessa Diffenbaugh's novel The Language of Flowers which I not only loved, but also taught me that flowers are also used to communicate messages to the person who receives them. Each flower has it's own meaning and how they're arranged can share a person's feelings. It's called floriography and I find it fascinating. 

Needless to say, I love having fresh flowers at home. They brighten up any space, even the smallest corner in the guest bathroom. I used to take time every Sunday to make little arrangements at home, but have fallen out of the habit since being back to work. Bouquets don't need to be sent for special occasions only. I love the idea of sending flowers "just because" and this message is shared by A Better Florist. Just because is reason enough. When they sent me my lovely bouquet of sunflowers, my spirits were lifted almost immediately and the cheery blooms brightened my dining room for the next week.

Don't just take my word, have a look at their lovely arrangements for yourself. They have same day delivery nationwide in Singapore and are now branching into Hong Kong as well. Go ahead, take a peek and make someone's day, just because.

Thank you A Better Florist HK for sending me The Ayla bouquet. How can you not smile when you have this in your home?

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