Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Easy Breezy: Trying to Survive Hong Kong Humidity & Links a la Mode, September 21st

Have you seen my dewy glow? Want to know what product I use to get that shine? It's not available for everyone I'm sorry to say, but I'll tell you all about it...

My secret is humidity! And, I'm not glowing. I wish I was glowing, but I'm not.

I'm dripping. Ugh. I'm so not glowing.

Hong Kong's weather is always stinking humid at this time of year, but given our rash of typhoons blowing through the area, it's been very hot as well. We've had 'hot weather warnings' nearly everyday and it's been brutal. I keep waiting for our fall breeze to show up, but so far we've had nothing (we don't have a fall season, it's just a fall breeze).

Weather this hot complicates getting dressed quite a bit. Basically, I wake up everyday and think about what clothes I own that won't touch my body too much. If I could stay in my nightgown, I would. If I didn't have to wear underwear, I wouldn't. But, you know...social norms. Hmmpf!

So, how am I surviving this dreadful humidity? In all honesty, I'm not. I'm grumpy every morning as I make my walk to work and beads of sweat drip from my chin. It's so attractive arriving to work a hot mess. 

Seriously, though, it's all about fabric. I'm wearing all natural fibers as much as I can right now. This is ever the challenge as a vintage wearer. Luckily, I've accumulated quite a few cotton and linen pieces over the years. I choose lightweight blousey silhouettes, too. Lots of skirts (so I can billow them and cool myself off).  And, for the first time I think ever, I'm making iced lattes instead of my usual warm ones. Trying to keep my core temperature down as much as I can.

Come on, Fall! I see all you North American peeps and I'm jealous of what you're wearing....sigh.

Thanks Independent Fashion Bloggers for choosing this post in your Links a la Mode for September 21st. Here's a link to some other lovely posts from last week, too!

Links à la Mode, September 21st
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