Thursday, September 28, 2017

Dress Code Violation

When it comes to fashion, I'm not one to follow the rules.

Who made them up anyhow? Some stick in the mud person who just wanted to be a mean girl about it and make others feel bad for expressing themselves and doing what they want?

So yeah, that's what I think. No white after Labour Day? Whatevs.

I'm going to wear these white Vans slip ons as long as I like. They're my new fave article of clothing to wear with my vintage. They're more (ahem) comfy or sensible

Besides, I'm a busy mumma. I have kids to keep up with and it's too freaking hot still to try and squeeze my feet into anything else right now.

And speaking of too hot? Ugh, wearing neck scarves is about the closest thing I can get to fall layering right now and even then, I have to take them off from time to time to wipe my sweat!

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