Saturday, August 12, 2017

Third Culture Nomad

Summer's over and I'm happy to be back home in Hong Kong. It's a complicated feeling because home is also Madison. Home is being with my family, all of them. Growing up internationally, it's hard to explain to people who haven't moved around a lot just what the idea of home means. For me, it's a bit like being a nomad, moving between cultures while at the same time settling in easily anywhere.

Back in June, I was introduced to Anja Kotar, a young 19 year old singer from Slovenia whose new full length album Nomad echoes sentiments of a young person's experience moving away and searching to belong. The concept of her album is to be a mixtape for a road trip, which is such a quintessential part of growing up in America. The release of her album coincides with the launch of her online store Too Cool featuring clothing and accessories which connect with each song and bring her two passions, music and fashion, together. 

Taking a road trip is a something I didn't really understand as a child growing up in Asia. The idea that your purpose of getting into a car for any other reason than to get somewhere was somewhat strange. Traffic in Kuala Lumpur was hell, so one never really liked to think of extended time in cars. I realize that my kiddos are growing up here in Hong Kong in much the same way as I did. We don't spend extended time in cars so they don't really appreciate road trips. Yet.

What I love about summers in the States is that we get to expose our kiddos to the little things that make American life charming.  Each summer we play the license plate game where we see if we can spot all 50 states' license plates when we're travelling. This summer we got pretty close, only Hawaii eluded us. What this game has taught us about America is that it's a country of road trippers. People love to just get in the car and go.

And why not? There's so much of the country to see and such good music to accompany you on your travels. I love that Anja Kotar based her album around this concept because it makes it all so relatable.  I also love that she asked me to create a look inspired by her album (and album cover) because it was such a fresh new idea! It was the perfect opportunity for our own little road trip, so we cruised in our 1967 Ford Country Sedan along some country roads with our kids to show them that home isn't always a destination. Oftentimes, its just the journey you take and the people who ride with you.

Check out Anja Kotar's music, her online store and enjoy her new music video, too.

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