Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Paperless Post: Invites Made Easy for Working Mummas

The start of the school year for a working mumma usually means the beginning of managing my kids social calendars while also adjusting to a new work schedule. Invites for class parties, birthday parties, school events, back to school nights. Sleepovers, school activities and trips, etc. It's a busy time, to say the least.

Over the years, I've found more and more parents using Paperless Post to send out their children's party invites. I have to say, I really enjoy the ease and convenience that Paperless Post provides for their users. Aside from cute designs, here are three reasons my experience has been positive:

First, I really appreciate the messaging option. Not only can guests send messages to the host, but hosts can also message all the respondents as well. That way, if there are any last minute changes of plan or further directions, all guests can receive these notes via the Paperless Post website.

Second, I really like that Paperless Post allows you to see the guest list and who has responded. Living in a place like Hong Kong, its always good to know who else may be attending the party to arrange for shared transport to the venue.

This is my little one's favorite invite. Can you guess why?

Third, for a busy working mumma like me, I love the fact that once you RSVP for a birthday party you can add it to your calendar right away. How easy is that? Some weeks the only way I survive is through reminders that I get from my Google calendar. Phew!

You know, there's one more reason I like Paperless Post, and it's something I only just realized this month. As an environmentally conscious person, I appreciate that these invites are all online and no extra paper is used, but there are certain times of the year that I think paper cards are special. For many years, I've always made sure to send out Christmas cards. It's one tradition I hold onto. I was thrilled to discover that with Paperless Post, despite their name, you actually do have an option to print cards. I already browsed their cute holiday cards and cannot wait to order my batch for this year. See some of those holiday cards designs for yourself.

 **This post was written in partnership with Paperless Post in collaboration with Anagram Interactive. Click the link to see more of their kids birthday invites or back to school invites as mentioned above.

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