Monday, July 24, 2017

Sunglasses: The Right Fit

I don't know about you, but finding a good pair of sunglasses, for me, can often feel like the exhaustive search for flattering jeans or a bikini that makes you feel confident. Everyone's face shape is uniquely different. What looks good on one person may not suit another person's face, and so on.

My nose, for example, has a very high bridge so some sunglasses sit unusually high off my face. I love oversized sunglasses, but the space between a person's eyes and cheeks can create a challenge for those styles depending on how oversized they are.

In any case, there really is nothing quite like finding the perfect pair of sunglasses for summer. I basically live in sunglasses on sunny days, so they really become my go-to accessory for any outfit. 

Recently, I collaborated with SmartBuyGlasses to share with you some interesting features of shopping online with them for the perfect sunglasses. Of course, I love that you can search their site by brands and price, but you can also search by style (oversized, round, aviator, etc). It makes finding a pair that suits you just that much easier. 

My favorite feature of shopping online at SmartBuyGlasses is the fact that they have a virtual try-on feature for their glasses. It works a little bit like a Snapchat filter in that you look into the camera and the glasses fit to your face. Once they're sized, you can turn your head and get a good look at how the style looks on your face. It's brilliant!

I chose a few of my favorite picks from their site to share. Click on each brand to take a peek at what inspired me. Each pair I picked was oversized since I really love the vintage feel of that style. I loved these ones from Max Mara, these from Ray Bans and these super round ones from Chloe

What do you think? What sunglasses style do you like?

***Pictures taken on holiday in Amagansett, NY.

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Sharon said...

Lovely! I also really love your beach robe, is it vintage? You're looking like you're having a fun summer, Norbyah! :-)

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