Friday, July 21, 2017

Style Minute: Summer Layers to Stay Cool

When I think about layers, I think transitional dressing for the change of seasons. I was inspired by Bonobos to share some tips and tricks for staying cool during the summer. I don't often think about layers in summer, but living in Hong Kong has taught me that wearing layers in summer is a necessity. Though the weather is hot and humid, when you step into any building you'll be freezing!

Layering in summer is tricky because you really don't want to be caught with bulky layers to carry around in hot humid weather. I like the idea of a lightweight scarf to accessorize any summer outfit because at any point, you can wrap it around your shoulders if you get cold in the air conditioning. Not only that, but summer scarves are an easy thing to tuck into your purse as well, no carrying around a cardigan or a jean jacket.

I love the way these outfits are accessorized with scarves. They're so much more creative than just draping one around your neck or shoulders, but really they make the outfit. 

Another go to summer layer for me is a vintage kimono. I've been scouring vintage and thrift shops for them every chance I get. I like that they are loose and blouse-y but lightweight. They can be worn over jeans, skirts or dresses to add a summer festival feel to any outfit.

Or they can be worn belted as seen here with a neck scarf. I can see this being a good way to transition into fall dressing. I love a neck scarf for summer because it gives a little bit of warmth around your neck with any top, but can easily be converted into a head scarf or wrap when the humidity outside gets unbearable.

For successful summer layering for both men and women, I have two tips:

1. Consider fabric. Your layering piece (scarf or kimono) should be a lightweight material like cotton, silk or linen. You want the layer to keep you warm in the cool breezes of summer nights or the air conditioning inside, nothing more.

2. Make sure your base layer is also lightweight. I like to wear tank tops or camisoles, light breezy skirts or summer dresses, or even cotton pants (these chinos from Bonobos would be perfect). You don't want your layers to be bulky, but rather light and flowy (think boho chic).

Mostly when I think about summer style, I think sexy, so definitely keep those layers sheer and gauzy so you can still show some skin, which is part of the sexiness of summer. 

I hope these tips are helpful!

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