Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Glamorous Life of Real World Blogging

 Haha! Tricked you! Real world blogging is so not glamorous. I've got a 9 to 5 and this blogging thing is a part time gig. Actually you can't even call it that because it's not like it pays (at least not in the traditional sense). It pays in many other ways which I'll get into, but it's not like I'm quitting my job any time soon. Or ever.

Okay, so where was I. Oh yes, glamorous. No, it's not glamorous. I'm not sitting in the front row of exclusive Fashion Week events or hobnobbing with celebrities or being asked to do fancy schmancy brand collaborations. Nope.

Some weeks it's a slog. Seriously. I had all these grand plans last week, feeling super motivated about Fashion Revolution week and all the content I was going to bring you (realizing full well how steep a task writing three posts in one week is for a full time working mumma). I did pretty well for the first week, check it out yourself. I had cool plans for this week, too. An update with my good friend at Vic & Lily and an outfit post showcasing one piece three ways.

Then the long weekend came. Four days without the hubby and my big teenage boy with a few things to keep me busy (equal parts mummy duty and mummy fun). And, then I got sick. Pow. Mumma out.

My poor girls were on their own while I was down with the stomach flu (well, I did have my mum to help, thank goodness!) I extended my long weekend by a day, but I wouldn't recommend doing it the way I did. I'd not wish that kind of sick on my worst enemy. So yeah, those posts that I originally planned for this week? They're coming. . . later. Instead, I'll use these outfit pictures from a few weeks ago when I was wearing this amazing MAHPS Vintage gold turtleneck dress on the very last day possible (arguably one day too late). I was sweating my ass off and getting super grumpy that layering weather was over (see, not glamorous).

And, I told you I was going to tell you about the ways this gig does pay, right? Well, that part is what keeps me going. It's the relationships I make along the way. Friendships with people who trust me to collaborate, wear, shoot, style, promote and generally work with them. Oh, and when I say shoot, more often than not I mean two girls with a camera, but that's okay. Being recognized as the vintage blogger in Hong Kong and having people hand me their beautiful second hand items, or gift me their products. Now, that's a privilege! I wouldn't trade this part time real world blogging. At all.

Stay tuned because I've got a few of those collaborations coming this way soon!


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Kremb de la Kremb said...

I love this post, and I love shooting with you. Glamourous? Well, sometimes when we end with a glass of vino, chatting, and people watching. That's the best!

And this outfit deserves an "EeeeeGATZ!" It's GORGEOUS. Just make sure to pull it out earlier. I'll remind you. winkwink.

Love, Ann

Anonymous said...

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