Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Style Minute: Socks

Socks are having a major moment right now.

I remember when they were making a scene about three or four years ago. Socks with sandals, peep toes and pumps were the trend. I still have fun socks in my dresser from that moment.

Check out these sparkly gold socks. The picture does them no justice.

This time around, they're broadening their horizons. Socks need not be confined to occasion. Sport socks can be pulled out and worn with dressy shoes or boots. Socks can be worn with flats (like I did above). And, the socks are taking on some of the fishnets trend happening right now, too. 

I have amassed quite a collection of fishnet socks, mesh socks, lacey socks, etc. But given some of the wild colors and patterns I've been seeing, I'm inspired to dig through and get out some of the goodies from last time around (hello, Frida Kahlo socks I'm coming for you).

This time around,  socks are also expanding their outfit choices. Sure, why not show them off with skirts and dresses. But with cropped denim making it's place known, socks are finding themselves comfortable there, too.

What does this mean for me and other thrifting and vintage lovers? It means break out your vintage dresses and add the unexpected element of the sock and heel look. It also means keeping your favorites in good shape. I've had to sew up a few holes recently, but it's totally worth it.

And let's be honest, if you're a thrifting addict like me, you know what it means to make a few small repairs, especially to the toes. Don't toss a good pair because you've got a tiny hole in the toe; instead consider sewing two or three stitches to keep them around longer. Specialty socks, like vintage and thrifted finds,  are well worth it.

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