Tuesday, April 11, 2017

For the Love of Classic Red

My favorite color is blue that's no secret. But the other day, my littlest asked me what my second favorite color was. I hesitated. I didn't really know, actually, and I had to give her a response. These details are very important to our children, you know.

Upon some quick reflection, I was able to say quite certainly. It's red! Of course it's red! I wear that a shade of red on my lips everyday.

Red goes so well with blue, as well. Paired together, it gives a lovely nautical vibe which I love for summer. Fresh and breezy.

I found this silk red top for a song at a charity shop in LA this Christmas along with these velvet pants from Savers. Super score. I was literally in heaven. The funny thing is the top says Made in Hong Kong. I'm always amused when I find things that come from where I'm from. These new-to-me black slides came from my girl Jasmine of Dress Me Blog Me and while they're making their first appearance on the blog, I've literally worn them almost everyday.  Having stylish girlfriends makes trading clothes so fun.

The tiled wall is brand new for Stanley Market. I love when I find new spots for pictures. Exploring the alleys of Stanley Market is my favorite part of being a Stanley local. I think I should take advantage of this Spring Break week off and do more poking around.

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