Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Working on Casual

I know I used to say that I'm a dresses and skirts kind of girl, and I still claim that to be the case. I returned from a week in freezing cold Mongolia on Sunday, and I could not wait to choose a dress to wear. Having said that, I ended up wearing jeans yesterday.

I've noticed a subtle change in my wardrobe selections lately. Where I once used to admit that casual dressing was a bit difficult for me because vintage has a tendency to always look dressed up, now I'd say otherwise. More and more, I'm finding that I've got options when it comes to dressing down.

Part of the reason I have options comes from the fact that my vintage purchases and thrifted finds of late have been pants! I scored some incredible finds at Savers this Christmas. Among them were a pair of cropped Levi's, a pair of velvet pants and these amazing high waisted brown checked pants.

I think the key to dressing down is to throw in some dressed down essentials. For me that is a t-shirt, and I've been favoring them lately as you may have read here. I've found that graphic tees pair very nicely with thrifted pants or vintage skirts and even under dresses. I'm fully embracing that those 90s trends are back.

Another thing I've tried in an attempt to dress down is to not always wear my vintage blazers. Now that I've written that, I'm feeling pangs of guilt because I know all to well that blazer weather is short lived in Hong Kong and I do so love my blazers. Still, I'm trying to mix in this vintage denim jacket, my leather moto jacket and my bomber when I can.

Don't pay attention to my shoelaces. I only noticed after that they were untied (and tied them in the picture above).

So, there you have it. A little ramble about my vintage wardrobe and my sartorial influences (by the way, this outfit inspo came from Beth from B Jones Style, of course). She always knows how to mis it up and have fun.

I'd like to know, though, what do you do to dress down? Do you have any suggestions? What else can I do with my vintage pants?


Kremb de la Kremb said...

You know my solution to casual, right? Pair tennis shoes with EVERYTHING!

Haha! Oh, me and my sneaker collection. Eeeek!

I love seeing you in this oversized jean jacket; it's a super cute one. I've been looking for something similar. Time for a trip to Mee & Gee!

Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

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