Friday, March 17, 2017

Date Night with Rock My Vintage

It's Friday, finally. Time to kick back and relax and catch up on some rest for the next two days. And, if I'm lucky and the hubby is free, the weekend means perhaps a sneaky date night.

Okay, maybe not this weekend since he's fully booked with coaching duties, but a girl can imagine, right? Why not. It beats the reality that I'm sitting at home alone in my pajamas on a Friday night.

A little while back, Rock My Vintage got in touch with me about a collaboration opportunity.  Rock My Vintage is an online boutique featuring vintage and vintage inspired clothing and accessories which will suit just about anyone. They have their merchandise neatly organized into occasion, decade, clothing item, etc. The biggest challenge with this collaboration was trying to only choose one thing that I liked. There is so much to love!

This 80s beaded shift dress (an original vintage piece) caught my eye immediately and I thought it would be a fun piece to style up and imagine for a night out with my love. 

There are many ways to envision styling this 80s wild version of a little black dress. The sequins and sparkle make it versatile for any occasion as you can wear it more elegantly with heels for an art opening (it's Arts Month in Hong Kong) or some kind of concert at the Hong Kong Arts Festival. But the sequins also give it a fun feel, no need to be intimidated by a bit of sparkle. So, I decided to style it up for a typical date night with my hubby.

The dress is slightly oversized for me, so I belted it. Wearing the hat and boots helped to make it look more dressed down for a casual night out. I decided to make the other accessories over the top to make it a really outrageous look and I love how it turned out. The cuff is from my girl Paige at The Mauve Hour (upcycling vintage pieces into modern accessories), the clutch and necklace are both secondhand fun pieces, too.  As I look back on this look now, I am already thinking of styling it up again in different ways.

What is a typical night out with the hubby you may wonder? Live music in a small crowded venue and good food and drink at one of our favorite restaurants (Serge et la Phoque usually tops that list -- it helps that we love that crowd). We're not fussy, but we do love to have fun.

Have a look over at Rock My Vintage to see what they have in their store for you!


Unknown said...

Yes yes yes!!! I love this ensemble!! So rock chic and this represents the best of the 80s fashion! TOO COOL!

Kremb de la Kremb said...

This is absolutely an amazing look! From cuff, to boots, to belt, to hat, to the stunning dress--it's all perfection! And totally perfect for a date night!

Kevin and I have never been to Serge et la Phoque. It shall be our destination for our own next date night--wanna join?

Love, Ann from Kremb de la Kremb

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