Friday, March 24, 2017

A Note about Confidence

 Do you have what it takes to face your fashion fears? You know what I'm talking about...the articles of clothing you see on others and admire, but think are totally out of your league. I could never carry off that look or I wish I had the nerve to wear that.

I admit, having lived through my thirties, I don't have too many of those insecurities anymore. Peeps, it's one of the best things about that decade. Other people's judgements somehow melt away when it comes to things you can wear and you develop a give no shits kind of attitude. Thank goodness for that, because peoples judgements and opinions certainly don't go away.

Anyhow, probably our biggest critic has to be ourselves. You know what I'm talking about. That nagging voice in your head that tells you what's acceptable for yourself. We can be so harsh on ourselves! Why do we do that?

Recently, I was contacted by the lovely Ashby of Dia&Co, a curated shopping experience for plus sized women, who invited me to take part in their project on confidence. Every Friday, they host Try-day Friday in their office at work in which they challenge each other to try new styles. They challenge that idea that there are certain clothes for certain people by encouraging their readers to step out of the box and do something new.

I love the idea of that message so I was happy to take part here on my blog. So what is that article of clothing for me? Well, there's the mini skirt (I mentioned my self-consciousness about my legs over on Instagram as part of a Warrior Woman project with @StyleMeSunday).

But actually, it's leopard print.  I have actively avoided leopard print for a few reasons. One, I thought it was way too trendy for me. It seems like such a bold print to carry off, and I wasn't sure how it would fit with my vintage style. And second, I actually wasn't certain how to style it.

Then came these two articles of clothing.  First my secondhand Cambridge Satchel with leopard pocket which I've been wearing for over a year, and then these leopard heels which my friend Ann gave me at work last week when she was clearing her closet.  I have to admit, I love them. And, I've figured it out!  You style leopard print like it's a neutral!  How about that?

So there you have it. It's Friday, so why not make it a Try-day Friday. Step out of the box and be daring. It feels good!

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