Thursday, February 23, 2017

Three Dollar Leather Skirt

Yes, you read that right! This skirt cost me a whopping three bucks. Oh, charity shops, you just have the best stuff always. And when I walk out, I feel good for two reasons; the items were cheap AND I donated to a good cause (if you're curious if you're in a charity shop, read on for clues and tips).

Practically everything in this outfit was thrifted, how lucky am I? Seasoned thrifters will know that as much as we love to find bargains, sometimes thrift shopping can be hit and miss. Really successful thrifters go frequently. They find out when new stuff is being rolled out and they also know when there are special sales (blue tags half off, for example).

But --- even knowing all that, thrifting can be a gamble sometimes. One of the things I miss most living over here in Hong Kong is having a favorite thrift shop that I can poke into weekly for bargains. It's been a number of years since our local Salvation Army Store in Stanley closed down, but I still have some treasures that I scored there.

Last Christmas on our trip to Los Angeles, I decided to explore some of the thrift shops in the area. I went to two different Savers, and I popped into a few charity shops as well. It was at the Children's Hospital charity shop that I scored big time. Among other things, I snagged this leather skirt.

Here's the best part of the story, though. The store was having a sale on blue tags, all 50% off! This leather skirt was already a steal at six dollars, but paying only three dollars for in the end was ridiculous!

Some other good finds this Christmas include that fabulous ring and the suede peep toe Nine West heels, both from Savers.

So, how do you know you're in a charity shop? First off, you should be able to find signs and info about the charity the shop supports and the staff who volunteer their time there will be able to elaborate on how your contribution helps the charity. Always ask, you'll feel good. Sometimes you'll even see little donation boxes for you to leave extra monetary donations. Another clue is that you'll sometimes find pamphlets at the check out as well.

So there you have it. I think I'll save the tips for another post.

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