Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Style Minute: The Jeans and Dress Combo

The moment you stop thinking about an article of clothing as only that one article, the possibilities are limitless. Take jeans, for example.

They fall into the category of pants or bottoms. So naturally, we wear them as such. With sweaters, tees, etc. But, what if we considered them more than that? 

Lately, I've been wearing my jeans as a layer under my dresses. I didn't get this idea on my own, of course. I was inspired by the lovely Beth of B Jones Style, who is a never ending source of inspiration for me. She pushes the limits on so many fronts. I love it.

And, it's really a very easy trend to try. Who doesn't have jeans, right? I have this quirky tendency to want to wear tights when the weather is cooler. There is something about being wrapped up like that which makes me feel warmer. They're like big socks. So, naturally when it's winter, I like to wear my vintage dresses with tights.

Lately, when I'm pulling my vintage dresses out to style up in winter, I've been looking to my jeans to add that layering piece. I've worn three different dresses this way and I've become a fan of this look. Thanks, Beth!

This is not a trend for the faint of heart. You're bound to make a statement, so if you can handle a few looks from your colleagues and random strangers on the street, then go for it! Here are a couple of tips for carrying off this look successfully:

1. Consider wearing skinny jeans or straight cut jeans. This will make sure that the jeans don't add too much bulk underneath.

2. Make sure your dress isn't too fitted.  So far, I've worn a long flowy sheer dress, this mid length pleated dress and that Zara lacey mesh dress (I wrote about here). If your dress is too fitted, the buttons at the waist may add unwanted width to your waistline.

There you have it. Be bold and give it a go!

***For more inspo from B Jones Style, give her Instagram a follow and check out her awesome YouTube channel. You'll love it.


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