Thursday, February 16, 2017

Do you Valentine? (Links a la Mode, February 16th)

So, Valentine's Day.  Who knew it could be such a polarizing day? People either love it or hate it, am I right? It's just another day, but it gets so much hype. Does it really deserve it? I guess it depends what your experience is and what you expect. I won't judge.

Valentine's Day came and went this week in much the same way that it has for the last twenty years. No fuss. Since having a family, the hubby and I have taken to celebrating the family by writing little sneaky valentines to exchange on the morning. I like the idea of making my kiddos aware of the importance of pausing to appreciate each other.

I guess I'm lucky that my hubby is quite demonstrative about his emotions. I never have to question his feelings. He is supportive and involved and is the most thoughtful gift giver, ever. That said, he's not a schmoopsy kind of hubby with the flowers and chocolates and all that bit. And I'm glad he's not. That's a bit unoriginal, you know? I always find Valentine's evening a bit humorous with couple after couple walking arm in arm, the woman clutching a giant bear in one arm and a bouquet of roses in the other.

I like to think that the most romantic gestures are often the smallest ones. Bringing you home your favorite treat from the grocery store, asking if you want to stop in for a good cup of coffee when running errands, and more. My teenage son this week groaned, you shouldn't need a piece of paper to tell someone how you feel! I had to smile later when his little girlfriend spent a lot of time to make him a lovely valentine and how tickled he was when I bumped into him later and couldn't wait to show me.

Taking the time to write out little messages for each person in the family teaches us that small actions remind family members that we love each other, too. Hopefully they will take these experiences onto their adult lives and remember that you do what it takes to make someone feel loved, on Valentine's Day and everyday.

***I didn't wear this outfit on Valentine's Day, but the red velvet seemed festive for a post about this topic, don't you think?

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Links à la Mode, February 16th
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