Monday, January 23, 2017

Together, We Rise

I have other posts planned, but I have too many other things on my mind right now to focus.  

Wearing my neighbour's locket since she was too sick to join. She, and others, were with me in spirit.

So, the inauguration happened. The world is changed. While some may be happy that their candidate now sits in office, others are shocked, scared, and nervous for the future.

I won't say much more about that except to say that what has become a defining moment, I think, came the day after that inauguration.  

People woke up. We rallied and marched. After taking part in a small march in Macau, near Hong Kong, I feel united in my solidarity with people all around the world. We will not rest, we will hold the new president and his cabinet to task. I promise to take my will and channel it into activism.

For the first time since the election, I feel hopeful and positive and I'm going ride these emotions forward into action because he works for us.

Obama's words keep ringing in my head,
"I am asking you to believe. Not in my ability to bring about change -- but in yours."

I won't always be political on my blog, but right now, how can I not be?

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