Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Style Minute: Chokers + Turtlenecks

I don't think this choker trend is going away any time soon, and I can honestly say I'm happy about that. I'm really into embracing the 90s style from my heyday as you can see here and here.

As the weather finally started to dip in Hong Kong, I began to think about transitional outfits. I'd just picked up this H&M turtleneck from their Conscious Collection (I justified buying it this way) and I was thinking about ways to style it. It's tissue weight, so it's perfect for layering.

I wondered if it was possible to combine the two trends -- chokers and turtlenecks. I did a quick Google images search and found some very inspiring outfits indeed. I posted some of my favorites on my Instagram account (@imanorbyah).

It turns out, you can pretty much do what you want when it comes to chokers + turtlenecks. The chokers can be chunky or delicate. They can be leather with some kind of adornment or they can be all metallic. They all work.

Turtlenecks can be full or mock. They can be ribbed or plain. They can be turtleneck sweaters or simple layering turtlenecks. Anything goes, just try it.

There are only two tips I have for you to consider when embracing this idea for yourself.  First, perhaps keep the turtleneck a solid color. And second, don't wear a plain choker with the same color turtleneck. Make sure there is something that helps it pop.  But then again, the way I feel about trying a new style idea, you should just go for it. There really are no rules, and if there were, I wouldn't follow them anyhow.

 Now, imagine how flattering it is when someone you admire finds inspiration in something you've posted. That's what happened to me.  My girl Beth from B. Jones Style liked that Instagram post with chokers + turtlenecks inspo and decided to give it a go herself. 

To top it off, she gave me a shout out on her What I Wore video for December. Go ahead and watch it yourself, she really slayed her choker + turtleneck combo, don't you think?
Thanks for the shout out and the compliment, Beth!


pink vintage heart said...

I'm so in love with these pics. This look is fab! I love the turtleneck with choker look!!


Unknown said...

Great advice we hand't thought about wearing a choker with a turtle neck! I guess we are a little to focused on dressing for summer :)


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