Saturday, December 31, 2016

Thrift-mas Vacation

Vintage and second hand markets are a thing I enjoy in the States, but they're not easy to find in Hong Kong. I have found Hong Kong based vintage sellers via Etsy and then once I follow them, I've found out about new markets where they set up, but there's really nothing like flea markets.

And, there are even less thrifting opportunities at charity and second hand shops.  Being back in the States over the holidays, I have been taking advantage of the variety of stores in LA. There's Goodwill, Salvation Army, and my favorite, Savers.

Before coming out here, I reached out to Beth of B.Jones Style to ask her for some thrift shop tips.  She is an expert thrift shopper, so I was excited to hear what her recommendations were. She gave me a few of her favorite stores to stop at. Most of them are closer to her neighborhood of Orange County.

I hit up the Savers closest to my in-law's house a few days ago, which yielded a great pair of cropped boot cut Levis 515s. I can't wait to wear them. Then today, the hubby and I took a drive over to La Mirada to check out one of Beth's recommendations.

Wow. I was overwhelmed! It was an incredible store, with lots of variety. I filled up my cart quickly with pants, dresses, blouses, jewellery, shoes, etc. (Hop over to my Instagram and watch my story to see what I found). There were loads of vintage options (I've become used to looking at the labels to figure out what was vintage). The hubby got lost in the men's t-shirt section and found a wide selection of concert tees and other quirky tees to bring back.

When I went to the fitting rooms, the most amazing thing happened. There was a sweet older lady waiting for her friend who just struck up a conversation with me about what I was trying on. By the end of my session in the fitting room, she gave me her 30% off coupon which saved me sixty dollars! I love wearing second hand clothing.

My outfit in these pictures is entirely second hand, except for the ankle boots.  I found the hat at Savers in Madison over the summer. The silk blouse is Tory Burch which I snagged at a Redress sale and the dress comes from an Australian designer which I picked up at the Ruglane Vintage and Second hand Markets. The Cambridge Satchel Co purse was also a second hand purchase from Hardly Worn It a Hong Kong based group on Facebook.

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