Thursday, December 1, 2016

Review: Frontline Fashion

Redress HK continues to do amazing things! It's so easy to be supportive of my friend Christina Dean and her organization. In addition to raising awareness for the textile waste issue by organizing pop ups and being a sponsor and organizer of the Eco Chic Design Award, they're also doing outreach in schools to teach our younger generation about being conscientious consumers. Just today, I received their newsletter in my email with an offer to send out educator packs to use in the classroom. You can click on this link to register for yours.

Founder and CEO Christina Dean

I'm so excited that Redress has connected with my school and are energizing our students to think more creatively about their design process with those sustainable design techniques in mind. Just today, I was a guest speaker in our school's Fashion Design class to share my own knowledge and passion about sustainable fashion, vintage and secondhand.

Recently, I had the privilege of previewing Redress's latest project, a documentary called Frontline Fashion, which documents the weeks leading up to the Eco Chic Design Award 2016 Grand Final.  The full documentary is now available on iTunes.

Here's a teaser. . .

It is so exciting to watch some behind-the-scenes action of the journey the designers embark on to get their designs ready for the runway. Not only do we get to see the work that goes into putting on a runway show -- first with the designers finishing their pieces -- but also the input from the stylist who really decides how a piece will be worn and in what order the garments should appear when presented. The stylist really translates the designer's vision into wearable runway fashion.

In addition to going behind-the-scenes of the ECDA fashion show, the documentary also takes us into the factory of one of the biggest shirt manufacturers in the world based in China to show us (and the finalists) how they're incorporating sustainability into their business practices and design process.

All in all, it's a very inspiring film and I strongly recommend it. If you're interested in hosting a screening in your community, click here to get in touch with Redress.

***In Redress's November newsletter, it also states that there is a book project in the works. Click here to pre-order your copy of Dress (with) Sense from Amazon.

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