Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Accessorize with Nature

For as much as I grumble about Hong Kong weather (the humidity, the rain, etc), I have to say it is quite lovely right now.  We've had blue skies and cool weather for several weeks now and it's nice enough to wear long sleeves and layers and embrace Fall style (and maybe even Winter, too).

But nice days aside, the weather can really make an outfit pop, don't you think? Here, let me explain. You see, back when we were taking outfit photos a few weeks back, the sun was shining and it was a lovely, breezy day.

The cool breezes added a fun element to our shoot. I had quite a few Marilyn Monroe moments with my skirt and top, and my hair was really tossed about. But, looking back at these photos, its the ones where the breeze can be seen in my clothes and hair that are my favorites.

The best part was that it was all natural. No big fans needed or fancy lighting. Just nature.

The sailboats and green hills in the by bay behind me? What a backdrop! Those are just bonus extras.

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